Lucy F

Today Jo invited me to try a Sacred Hot Stone Massage, which was as divine as it sounds. You lay on a bed of smooth warm stones and have them placed over body and in line with your Chakras (energy centres). These stones are then used in conjunction with beautiful warm coconut oil to massage your body. 

It is so comforting to experience the heat through these stones. Jo can select different temperatures depending on your sensitivity and preference. I went for hot and it was gorgeous. Coupled with Jo's amazing energy, the pristine surroundings and the soft music, I felt deeply relaxed. I loved that she warms the oil too. I felt like jelly afterwards, so blissful. 

Thank you, Jo, for inviting me to spend the morning in your capable, healing hands. I'm so proud to of been a part of your journey and it is beautiful to see how successful, and rightly so, your divine clinic is; providing a haven of relaxation for us all. I love that you not only provide Reiki but also use it in your work, on yourself and to clear the energy of your clinic. 

Keep up the amazing work.

Kim F

This is the first time I have had healing and for it to come from the other side of the world I am totally and utterly amazed at my experience. Distance Healing has truly made me feel better from the inside out. Even the pins and needles I have had in my feet since my operation two days ago have gone, I felt a rush of warmth throughout my entire body and the pins and needles just disappeared. Wow I am truly amazed, I know my healing is heading in the right direction thank you Jo.

Suzanne J

Had an amazing sacred stone massage from Jo. Very relaxing and luxurious. Recommend for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a self-indulgent experience. Can't wait for the next one.

Andy Q

I have known Jo for around 3 years now; I have always been aware that she was spiritual and connected to the world around us. When she said that she was going learn Reiki it seemed like a good fit for her personality. When she asked me to let her practice on me, I was only too happy to help. Not sure what was going to happen other than I would need to be willing to relax and open to her.

I was surprised by just how relaxed and tranquil I felt during the session and by the level of peace and how at ease I felt afterwards. 

I have a stressful job and my mind is always on the go, so to find that I fell asleep during the session and was so calm afterwards was a real joy. It was not until that evening I noticed the pain in my knee and ankle was no longer there. 

It was truly a pleasant and peaceful experience one I will be repeating and more than happy to recommend to others. Thank you Jo.

Cassandra D

I had distance healing with Jo, which felt amazing, I felt relaxed and I am still trying to take it all in. My heart and stomach were tingling and radiating in to my arms, as was my third eye at one point. Just such strong and loving energy. I really appreciate you taking the time to send me healing energy, I feel grateful and blessed. You are an incredible healer

Jacqueline A


Wow! Just the most amazing massage I have ever had. Highly recommend Jo. She is excellent and very professional.

Jade H

Jo has an organic understanding of healing and the flow of universal energy and is one of the few practitioners that has the gift of understanding the body and mind, using Reiki to help one relax, re-energise and heal. I highly recommend Jo for Reiki to promote any emotional and physical healing you need in your life.

Louisa B

WOW! I cannot recommend a treatment with Jo (I had a reiki session) enough. Absolutely incredible. The most relaxed and rejuvenated I have felt in 10 months or more. Whether you feel in the power of natural healing or not, you have to give Jo's treatment a go. In my opinion she is an incredible healer that no amount of western medicine can beat. Thank you so much Jo and Food for the Soul.

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